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MAA series

2010-06-14 16:08:55 by metallicx66

Well the Max's Atypical Adventure series didn't start well as I thought it possibly would be. But then again, I kinda doubted it getting as much recognition as it could. Considering it was just a mere recording with a GB graphic around it.

Although, spite that low the score MAA1 got, we have already started working on MAA2 (which actually started it when MAA1 was in the portal still), and it's going OH SO much better. Although the intro sequence and such is still a recording, we have animated the character walking through the house thus far.

A new thing we added was a button. Through the long intro sequence, it's getting rather annoying (it did for us) watching the entire thing, so we made a button that skips through all the unneeded bullshit.

Hopefully MAA2 will do better in the portal.

Also, we're gonna change the storyline of the MAA series as well. One being that instead of it following the entire GS storyline verbatim, we're gonna take chipsets and create our own towns, and maybe our own routes. Possibly our own Pokemon if we get down to it. First major change is going to be New Bark Town (obviously).

We also have plans to possibly make a game out of this. Although these plans are big and are in the vast future, I highly doubt we can pull off such a game with a file size limit. By the time we even start developing the game, we might actually have a website that we can post it on. Maybe post a few demo's of it on NG.

These all just possibilities, and this will take a major dedication to the series if we wanna keep moving forward. With Summer Break coming soon, we should have a lot of long nights working on this.